Makati Boardgamers, Rejoice! Ludo Makati is NOW OPEN!


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    There have been some delays but as of October 28, 2015, Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Bistro is now open in Makati for your boardgaming needs!

    Ludo Makati Entrance


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    Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Bistro is located at Jupiter St corner Planet, Bel-Air, Makati and is a great place for Makati boardgamers to get their game on – whether it’s after a long day’s work or for game sessions over the weekend. For those who aren’t familiar with boardgame places, these are venues where you can sit down with some friends, order some food, and stay to play boardgames.

    OMG that's a lotta boardgames @_@
    OMG that’s a lotta boardgames @_@


    Probably the most appealing feature of Ludo Makati to boardgamers is the sheer amount of boardgames they have for their customers to play with. They have a whole array of boardgames ranging from casual / party games (for those who are just getting into boardgaming or just wanted to try it out) up to the hardcore / strategy games that will appeal to your more seasoned gamers 🙂

    Ghost Stories - one of the games we played during the Ludo Makati Opening Night
    Ghost Stories – one of the games we played during the Ludo Makati Opening Night


    The place is huge with roughly about 30+ tables available (translating to around a 140-person seating capacity). Ludo is also divided into 3 areas. First, they have the main normal playing area – most of the tables are located here. Second, they have a smaller No-Shouting area for people who want to play Strategy games or Role Playing / Immersive games and be a bit away from the tables who are shouting in excitement when they play casual games. Lastly, you have the Private Room (soon to be “rooms”) where you can rent out the whole room and have access to a table and TV (if you want to view some atmospheric stuff for your games) – perfect for those intense role-playing games where you wanna have your own background ambience playing to set the mood… OR if you just wanna enjoy boardgaming with your group away from the crowd.

    Ludo Play

    If you’re a boardgamer or you’re interested in boardgaming and you’re in the Makati area, go and pay them a visit! You can check out details about them on their Facebook page:

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