The Horror continues as UnGeek Plays: The Park (P2) is now LIVE!


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    If you caught our Halloween feature on The Park, then you may have watched the first episode of our Let’s Play. Today, we continue the journey of Lorraine as she tries to find her son in a dark and abandoned Amusement Park.

    The horror continues...
    The horror continues…


    Let’s do a quick recap. In the last episode, Lorraine went after her son into Atlantic Island Park as he rushed inside to try and look for his missing teddy bear. As she went inside, the once beautiful amusement park suddenly turned into a deteriorating and abandoned park. She’s gone through the rides as she tries to catch up to her son but, in each ride, she has encountered something terrible. In a boat ride that featured the story of Hansel and Gretel, her boat was constantly being bumped by something unseen. She also caught a glimpse of Chad the Mascot who looked more evil than accommodating. On the next ride, she found the Bogeyman tormenting her as the ride went into uncontrollable speeds.

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    Today, we continue on. What other horrors lie within The Park and what does it all mean? Watch the video below to find out!

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