Whenever you feel the insane urge to jumpscare someone, make sure that:

  • A) He knows you well enough to not react badly and smack you in the face
  • B) He does NOT have the option to hurt your face with a very hard object… say, for example, a robotic arm
  • C) He is NOT armed with something like a STUN BATON
  • D) He does not have hostile company (i.e. a Loaderbot)

Because, in today’s installment of UnGeek Plays: Tales from the Borderlands [Ep1], a guy finds out why you JUST. DONT. He’s lucky our protagonist, Rhys, takes it easy on him (sort of). Yup, the craziness and fun continues as we go on PART 2 of our adventure! I’m sincerely loving every second of this game and my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. :p

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