Are you in front of your PC? Good!

Got your mobile with you? Great!

Need to Relax? PERFECT!

Are you feeling the Holiday Star Wars Hype? Then Get Ready cuz Google is gonna blow you away with its awesome browser mini-game, LIGHTSABER ESCAPE!

Lightsaber Escape Title


I tried Lightsaber Escape earlier and it was definitely a treat. The way it works is that you access the site via your PC and then you follow the instructions it gives (which is to use your smartphone to access a website). Some calibrations happen and VOILA! Your phone is now a LIGHTSABER!

Calibrating your phone into a Lightsaber
Calibrating your phone into a Lightsaber



The game then leads you through a scenario where you have to deflect Stormtrooper attacks! It’s a whole lot of fun and you have to try to escape in the least amount of time as possible. Try it out by clicking here. You won’t regret it at all! 🙂



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