RECAP: The Flash & Arrow 2015 Crossover: “Legends of Today” & “Legends of Yesterday”

Bringing together elements that breed "Legends" for another crossover event before the midseason finale breaks, The CW showcased another EPIC team-up in The Flash and Arrow in the episodes "Legends of Today" and "Legends of Yesterday", setting the stage of the new Arrowverse spinoff show airing next year in "Legends of Tomorrow"! Here's the RECAP of last week's FlashxArrow Crossover spectacle!

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Did you catch the EPIC Arrow and Flash Crossover The CW put together this year with two of its critically acclaimed superhero TV shows last week? If you didn’t, UnGeek has you covered with a recap of a spectacular viewing that saw The Emerald Archer and The Scarlet Speedster team-up with friends and new allies in stopping an immortal villain from destroying their cities and everything they know. If that doesn’t scream the closest thing to a “Justice League” gathering in the Arrowverse, then you’re truly missing out on AWESOME, as well as the building blocks for the new spinoff show that is “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” that arrives on January next year!


Taken as a whole story with SPOILERS of course, here’s the RECAP for the respective eighth episodes of The Flash Season 2 and Arrow Season 4, entitled “Legends of Today” and “Legends of Yesterday”!

The Flash S02E08 “Legends of Today”

Following his defeat at the hands of Zoom and successfully recovering to put a stop to the returning Grodd, Barry Allen is driven to improve his speed and skills when he inevitably confronts the dark speedster from Earth-2 once again. Sharing his passion for that is Dr. Harrison “Harry” Wells from Earth-2, who decides to devise a drug called “Velocity” to enhance Barry’s powers exponentially. With Caitlyn Snow’s help, he manages to figure out the formula and make a sample to test things out. Unfortunately Jay Garrick, a possible test for his serum, refuses any involvement on the matter and discourages Harry from trying it on Barry.

Meanwhile, a mysterious individual named Vandal Savage arrives at Central City to look for Kendra Saunders – the girlfriend of Team Flash’s resident tech wiz Cisco Ramon. The villain manages to track down and attack the couple, but not before Cisco calls on Barry’s help and The Flash manages to save both of them from Savage’s attack. Seeing that Kendra has a connection to the being that is more mystical than metahuman, Barry suggests taking her to Star City and under the protection of Oliver Queen and Team Arrow. Speeding his way to Green Arrow’s hometown, he narrowly saves the group from a near fatal stakeout against Damien Dahrk and H.I.V.E. Bringing Kendra and Cisco along, Flash manages to convince his Oliver, Felicity, and friends to take them in under protective custody.

While Oliver and his friends keep Kendra safe, Harry plans to test his Velocity serum out on Barry no matter what. Unfortunately Patty Spivot spots Dr. Wells and shoots him unintentionally, forcing immediate medical treatment by Caitlin and Joe West. With no other recourse but to use Velocity to remove the bullet, Jay Garrick administers the serum and it restores his speed to do the deed. Harry is saved, but Jay makes him promise not to use the drug on Barry… Ever.

The Flash -- "Legends of Today" -- Image FLA208B_0295b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as The Flash and Stephen Amell as The Arrow -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

After learning about Savage from Malcolm Merlyn and taking time to relax in Oliver’s loft and get reacquainted, Team Arrow and Flash get attacked by the villain instead. Things are further exacerbated when Kendra is taken away by a flying winged man, who reveals himself to be Carter Hall, aka Hawkman. He explains that she is the reincarnation of Chay-Ara, a priestess from Egyptian times and that Savage has killed them over and over for 200+ years to retain his immortality. After a mix up that sees Green Arrow and The Flash teaming up to take on Hawkman to get Kendra back, the three work things out to convince the Emerald Archer and Scarlet Speedster to track down Savage and prevent him from stealing the legendary “Staff of Horus”. They fail, and he disappears with the staff as well.

Arrow S04E08 “Legends of Yesterday”

Following Savage’s disappearance, Team Arrow and Flash decide to regroup and relocate at the outskirts of Central City to deal with the problem and train. Unfortunately Kendra is still figuring out her own powers, which requires the intervention and assistance of Carter Hall to awaken her hidden potential. While everyone figures out what they are doing, Oliver makes a secret visit to the home of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Clayton to confront her about his discovery that her child William is his son. Taken aback and confused by how to deal with this revelation, his secret DNA testing results were discovered by Felicity Smoak, which leads to an argument that puts a severe strain on their relationship. Barry witnesses the exchange, but Oliver rushes head on back to dealing with Vandal Savage and concocts a desperate plan that involves the Hawks.


Meeting at a secret warehouse location, Green Arrow and The Flash pretend to hand over the Hawks in exchange for the safety of their cities, but the entire act is a ruse and the plan fails when both Hawkman and Hawkgirl are killed. With no other recourse and encouraged by Oliver to run as fast as he can, Barry makes out of Central City as everything is destroyed by the staff’s power. Unknown to The Flash he runs fast enough to breach the fabric of time again, and arrives a day before the horrible events transpire. He manages to break the news of their failure as well as other important information to Oliver, which gives them a better chance to prepare. Through some intercessions and better planned tactics, they manage to arrive again at the same scenario but with new “Nth Metal” gloves prepared by Cisco, more backup c/o Team Arrow, and renewed confidence in Kendra to use her powers as a priestess thanks to Cisco’s encouragements.

After a fierce battle, Green Arrow and The Flash use the staff to eliminate Savage and turn him to dust. With the Hawks free they then decide to leave and rediscover themselves, leaving Cisco and Kendra to share a heartfelt goodbye. With encouragement from Barry, Oliver manages to connect with his son as his “mom’s friend” instead of revealing the truth, and also withholds the information from Felicity and anyone else in his circle. Meanwhile, Malcolm Merlyn gathers the ashes of Vandal Savage and keeps them in an urn for unknown purposes.


And that pretty much is the crossover in a nut shell. Now that the stage is set, The Hawks, Vandal Savage, and the rest of the cast of Legends of Tomorrow are ready for their own show next year!

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