WATCH: 4 Games to Play for MOAR STAR WARS HYPE!

The Force has been strong as of late…

And that’s because STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has been out and OMG, was it a movie to remember! But after the movie (and even before), I felt this urge… nay, this NEED… for MORE STAR WARS in my life! I needed to experience it more! To feel the Force through my veins! To get that Star Wars RUSH!

and, of course, as a geek… I wanna do this through vidjah gamez 😀 So, if you want to ride/ deal with/ extend the Star Wars hype, here’s UnGeek’s 4 games (Video/Boardgames/IRL) we recommend you play!


Want to play / get these games? You can check out the following places:

  1. Lightsaber Escape
  2. Star Wars Battlefront
  3. Star Wars Imperial Assault
  4. Lightsabers


May the force be with you, everyone! 😀


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