WATCH: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer presents another look at Kingdom Hearts III

Hitting consoles sometime down the line, Square Enix and Disney have a holiday treat of a teaser for Kingdom Hearts fans, as a new trailer is released promoting Kingdom Hearts II.8 & a few bits of Kingdom Hearts III!


Looks like Square Enix and Disney are giving fans of the Kingdom Hearts series a big Holiday treat, as they’ve released a pretty long trailer that showcases the next supplementary compilation package to the franchise with “Kingdom Hearts II.8: Final Chapter Prologue“, which acts as an extended precursor to the long awaited sequel that is Kingdom Hearts III.

Here’s the trailer, which features a new glimpse at Kingdom Hearts III gameplay past the 3: 30 mark.

Quite the teaser indeed. Kingdom Hearts II. 8 will be released on PS4, while KH III hits Xbox One and PS4.