I messed up. I done goofed, son… and I’m pretty sure this’ll bite me in the rear in the near future. If this video proves anything, it’s that 1) I have no future doing cons and 2) I may need some memory enhancers soon T___T

Today, in Part 3 of UnGeek Plays: Tales from the Borderlands [Ep1], it’s just one bad decision after another BUT the story is coming along quite well. We now have TWO protagonists, Rhys, our corporate guy from Helios featured in the previous episodes, and, now we have FIONA, the Pandoran con artist and the story just gets even crazier from this point.

We’re close to the finish line, people! (at least, for Episode 1) The finale comes out this week as well but we ARE playing all FIVE EPISODES of Tales from the Borderlands. Hope you’re looking forward to that cuz I certainlty am. 🙂 Of course, please please please do SUBSCRIBE to the UnGeek YouTube Channel and SHARE the video on your Social Networks. The channel is on it’s way to growing and we’d appreciate the help. Have a good watch, everyone! Take it easy 🙂


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