17-Year Old Pinoy Makes Own BB-8! Elevates Geekery to new Heights!


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    All hail, Angelo Casimiro, DLSU wiz-kid who’s making rounds on the interwebs because of his movie-accurate replica of Star War’s new enigmatic little space-droid, BB-8! While there are several outfits that grabbed the opportunity to design and market a working droid, none has been so entrepreneurially enthusiastic than what Angelo did.

    On a tight budget and only crafting this for a few days, Angelo Casimiro used everyday household objects and materials easily obtainable in malls to complete this seemingly gargantuan of a project. The result would put your Php 12,000 Sphero toy to shame. Watch below:

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    Impressed yet? More than his savvy skills with tinkering machineries and equipment, it’s his passion that we ought to celebrate. Here’s a kid who was able to replicate a beloved character from the new Star Wars franchise. Now, he readily shares his journey and secrets with the world so that you can build your own BB-8 unit as well! Neat! You can find more information on his project here via Instructables.

    May the Force be with You, Angelo. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build next!
    If you want to subscribe to his awesome YouTube Channel (which you should) click here.

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