DC Comics’ “Rebirth” reported to relaunch new #1 titles this year

In what is certainly attracting attention as far as what their new plans are for 2016, DC Comics has released a teaser image with the word "Rebirth", which reports and rumors are suggesting that could be a sign the publisher is relaunching its comic line with new #1 issues in a few months time.

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With DC Week going at full swing this particular week thanks to the emergence of fantastic DC Films news in the “Dawn of The Justice League” special, the return of The CW shows “The Flash” and “Arrow” as well as the premiere of “Legends of Tomorrow“, and then the premiere of the brand new “Suicide Squad” trailer, it was the right time for DC ComicsĀ to tease something impending as well, and co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee certainly did just that by releasing an image that teases that something is happening… A “Rebirth” if you will. And that’s what Jim Lee and DC did via Facebook.


Now what exactly that Rebirth is not yet clear… But Bleeding Cool has a rumor going out that the comic publisher plans to “Relaunch” their existing title base with a brand new set of #1 issues this coming June… Which they did five years ago when they rebooted the entire DC Universe with The New 52. Take note, “Reboot” is different from “Relaunch”, so the current universe is likely to remain while DC pulls a Marvel ala “All-New, All Different” and just starts again their numbering to attract new readership. Plus, with the attention going to big and small screen media thanks to TV programs like The Flash and Arrow and upcoming movies like Batman v Superman, this is their way of incorporating that popularity to the books.

We’ll find out soon enough as time passes. Stay tuned for updates.