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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Learn the art of Snack-Fu in DAGASHI KASHI


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    This is the story of an aspiring artist whose drawings suddenly came to life! No, wait… lets redo that.


    This is a wonderful tale of a boy named after a coconut who meets his heroine… No, wait. sorry that’s not entirely what happened either.

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    Once upon a ti… umm.. hmmm…

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    Okay! So there’s this boy who wants to be a mangaka (comic artist/writer) so he makes this comic book and then, one day out of the blue, he meets this girl from out of town who happens to look EXACTLY like the lead character of his comic. Crazy right?! But you know what else is nuts? This boy’s name IS Coconuts… ~_~

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    Dagashi Kashi is a comedic anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series by Kotoyama. It’s about a candy aficionado who tries to convince Coconuts to give up his dreams of being a mangaka and to take over his father’s candy store business. You know, a typical story of boy meets girl, girl brings the crazy in their life, random humorously irrational things happen that normally doesn’t which leads up to them hooking up because it’s not that kind of anime or is it? Armed with her vast knowledge of all that is related to Japanese snacks/candies/junk food/sweets together with a vividly surreal imagination, Hotaru will stop at nothing until she completes her mission and bring honor to the Shindare Corporation!




    Hotaru comes up with some of the most out-of-this-world stories and strategies in order for her to progress her plot of total snacks domination (which is basically convincing one boy to take over the candy store business… LOL)! Inspired by various entertainment genres (from kung fu, to mystery, to sci-fi, to fantasy, etc.) that manifests as Hotaru’s pseudo-drug-induced trip from over-consumption of junk food, this show is an absolute fan service trip.



    The anime is currently being broadcasted in Japan this January as part of the winter season anime line-up. Abe Atsushi voices Coconuts and Ayana Taketatsu voices Shidare Hotaru.


    NEVER accept candy from a stranger even if she looks like… um… @_@

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