Marvel Future Fight’s Patch 1. 9 goes GREEN


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    mff cho

    Marvel Future Fight, one of the most addictive games on mobile, has just HULKED-OUT!. Mobirum, the official global game community for MARVEL Future Fight posted details about the game’s 1.9 patch and it is AWESOME!

    For the uninitiated, UnGeek’s got you covered here but, if you’re more analog, UnGeek’s got you covered here as well.

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    The Totally Awesome Hulk in Future Fight!

    Posted by Marvel Future Fight on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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    To summarize, one new and totally awesome character is added and five new uniforms and six characters will be getting their rank 6 skill. But WAIT there’s more! There’s Character rebalancing, Honour & Chaos chests have been tweaked, improvements for team management, villain siege, team play, alliance battle, achievement awards, and much, much more!

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    With this upcoming  patch, we no longer have to rely on random events to collect Ant-man biometrics! The Hulk will finally get his iconic “Hulk Slam” skill! Drax is getting his own Buster Sword! Loki will transform into… A Woman! Because he’s into that I guess… Click HERE for the deets!

    Patch 1.9 went live last January 19, which literally gives you no excuse not to get into this game.

    …unless you’re part of Hydra. @_@

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