By now everybody knows who “Kylo Ren” is – the new big baddie “Dark Side of the Force” user that J.J Abrams has introduced to critical acclaim (or shame) in the first chapter of the new Star Wars set of movies with last holiday season’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. That character was played by Adam Driver, who not only delivered such an IMPRESSIVE performance, but executed one of the most controversial scenes as the character that will forever live up in Star Wars fandom and history…


In the style of “Undercover Boss”, Adam Driver participated in an AWESOME SKIT for “Saturday Night Live” where he was the guest host… And now the world gets to see Kylo Ren’s attempts to try and get to know his “employees” in Starkiller Base, by going in disguise as an employee! Just watch and see how hilarious this skit really is!


In short, just don’t get Kylo Ren EMO or Pissed Off.


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