WATCH: Two new “Batman v Superman” TV Spots released w/ new footage

With just about two months to go before two of DC Comics' epic heroes clash for a superhero beatdown in the big screen, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment release two new TV Spots containing some new footage for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"!

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With the clock ticking closer and closer to the date we’ll finally be seeing two of DC Comics‘ biggest heroes come face to face on the big screen, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are hyping things up by releasing not one but TWO new TV Spots promoting Zack Snyder’s next entry in the growing DC Cinematic Universe with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“.


The first TV Spot is just a brief extension of the final scene from the second trailer for the movie, where Batman and his Batmobile try to take on Superman with no success at all. The Dark Knight is not intimidated however, and says those infamous words from the very first BvS teaser trailer that have become an Internet Meme already… “Tell me… Do you BLEED?”

 The second piece of footage is another extension of a trailer scene, this time with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne exchanging “pleasantries” as they meet for the first time, while Lex Luthor steps in to try and “break the ice” so to speak.

With the world looking on to the formation of the “World’s Greatest Heroes” in the “Justice League“, these two will have to settle their differences, meet Wonder Woman, and unite against a common foe before anything else comes forward.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 24, 2016.