Empire Magazine pays homage to Marvel’s Civil War with new cover spotlighting Captain America: Civil War!

In what will certainly be a collector's edition that pays homage to the source material, the latest upcoming issue of Empire Magazine spotlights "Captain America: Civil War" by paralleling the cover to the seventh and final issue of Marvel's 2006-2007 Civil War series, where Cap and Iron Man make a final stand against each other!

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The Big Superhero Movie wave of films for 2016 has begun, thanks to a certain “Merc With A Mouth” making it big and getting some much needed attention in the box office success of an R-Rated movie known as “Deadpool”. But there’s still PLENTY of Superhero flicks coming this year… And one of them sees two friends and members Avengers preparing to square off because both of them have different sides and ideologies they represent.


That movie of course is “Captain America: Civil War”, which sees Steve Rogers/ Cap teaming up with Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier, The Falcon, and a faction of the Avengers to prevent themselves from being subjected to government supervision. Championing the pro-registration side is surprisingly Tony Stark/ Iron Man, and he leads ┬áhis own unit of Avengers in the fight that will certainly put a dent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it! The cover seen above is from the upcoming issue of Empire Magazine, and it’s a live action tribute to the seventh issue cover of the 2006-2007 Marvel Civil War series, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven – and very much showing Cap and Iron Man in the midst of battle.



A fine tribute this is indeed. It just hypes up the movie even more!

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 5, 2016!