SEGA gives away MORE FREE STEAM GAMES. Get them now! | “Make War Not Love” Promo


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    Okay. In case you missed it, SEGA’s been giving away FREE GAMES for STEAM as part of their MAKE WAR NOT LOVE Promotion. Previously they had given away Golden Axe, Hell Yeah!, Jet Set Radio, and some DLCs. Now, the happiness continues as they give away MORE GAMES!

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    Now, they’re giving away Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain, and Condemned: Criminal Origins for a limited time only so you best get these free games ASAP!  So how do you do this? Simple. Just go to their website, look for the image shown above, and click REDEEM PRIZE. Just follow the instructions to get the games. Note that you need a STEAM ACCOUNT for you to claim your games. This is how the process should go:

    Capture 2
    When you click REDEEM PRIZE, you should get this prompt. Simply enter your email address and click REDEEM PRIZE.


    This prompt should show up next. Time to check the email account you just put it.
    This prompt should show up next. Time to check the email account you just put in.
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    You should get an email that looks like this. Just click YES, SUBSCRIBE ME TO THIS LIST and follow the tab it opens.


    Capture 5
    The site it leads you to should look like this. Now, just wait for your games to arrive. (Up to 24 hours like the prompt says). ENJOY!
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    Thanks for the games, SEGA!

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