WATCH: Let’s Play Battleblock Theater with Rob and Kelly – UnGeek Collab Video


Today, we have a special bit of awesomeness for you. This video has been in-the-making for some time now and I’m very excited it’s finally happened! Kelly (from WhatUpKelly) and I play Battleblock Theater in our very first collab video. And this turned out to be one hilarious and fun-filled trip experience for both of us.



Kelly is a YouTuber from Canada who does Gaming and Reaction videos (among others). Just quiet recently, she completed Until Dawn via a Playthrough that she streamed and uploaded on her channel. We’ve actually been talking on finding a game to play together as our first collaboration video. After a bit of looking around, we stumbled upon Battleblock Theater and, OMG, I think we definitely made the right choice.



The game is a puzzle-platformer game that has a co-op mode. It featured really cute animations and the puzzles actually strike a balance between fun and challenging. Oh and best of all, the writing and narration is AMAZING. If you hear it for yourself, you’ll know what we mean .

This video we made is simply just me and Kelly messing around in Battleblock Theater (while still trying to get through the levels, of course). It has many laughs, many struggles, and many deaths. (LOL) Watch it below and I hope you enjoy!



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