Batman v Superman: New images and TV Spots released

With three weeks remaining until the gloves are off and two superheroes battle it out, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have released a brand new set of images and TV Spots promoting "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", which generates more hype for the DC Films' epic that sets up the road to the inevitable Justice League films!


With Three Weeks to go before two of DC Comics’ most iconic heroes go toe-to-toe in what Lex Luthor bills as “The Greatest Gladiator Match in the History of the World“, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment keep hyping things up with Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” by releasing new images and TV Spots that showcase new scenes from the upcoming DC Films’ epic.


The first image, released by Comedy Central’s Instagram, sees Ben Affleck’s Batman in his battle-damaged armored batsuit, putting his foot on the neck of Henry Cavill’s Superman. It’s a direct homage to Frank Miller’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, which coincidentally celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year and features the very scene that inspired the one seen in the film.

“I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come, in your most private moments… I want you to remember the one man who BEAT YOU.”


And that pretty much screams EPIC.


And via Henry Cavill’s Facebook page, here’s a new look at Superman making his way to the courthouse room.

Numerous new TV Spots have also been making the rounds promoting the movie. Here’s one called “Battle“.

And here’s another one, where Batman pretty much taunts Superman with the words “Here I Am“.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 26!