Descent Companion App, “Road to Legend”, Coming in a Few Weeks!


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    For my TableTop game group, Descent has always been the go-to game whenever we wanted an epic experience, giving us hours of fun and much-loved immersion into a game. The theme, mechanics, and production value just hits the right spot for us. As much as we love this game, there are times, in between games, when we argue on who’ll be the Overlord (or the one who controls the bad guys). Playing as the Overlord is definitely a tall order as you have to balance telling a good story and stomping those heroes. So it’s easy to understand people’s reluctance with taking on the task. Besides, being one the heroes is just crazy fun!

    Luckily, Fantasy Flight Games gives us some GOOD NEWS! A companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, called ROAD TO LEGEND, is launching soon. This app will supplement your Descent experience and even let you play in a full co-op mode! (Yay!) Here’s the latest trailer:

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    Yes, cooperative play will now be possible with the Road to Legend app! In this mode, the players will all be heroes, fighting the hordes of monsters and villains. The game then gains a flavor of exploration as the map is not fully revealed and you have yet to find out what lurks at each corner and closed door. The App will then play the part of the Overlord, moving monsters about, directing their attacks, laying down new tiles as you explore and placing tokens on the board (with the help of your physical hands of course!).

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    As a bonus, the app comes with a 4-mission mini-campaign called Rise of All Goblins, which only requires the core set to play!



    The Road to Legend app also helps you in between missions by helping you track your party’s gold as well as each character’s items, equipment, skills and XP. This supplements the usual way you play Descent and helps all the players in keeping track of the game progress. So… less clutter for the Overlord?



    The app also maximizes your Descent gameplay as you can align your collection of expansions with the app, beautifully supplementing the gaming experiences and ensuring that you maximize your collection. The more expansions you have, the more content you can enjoy with Road to Legend!



    If these weren’t enough, the first downloadable content for Road to Legend is also planned to be launched… The Kindred Fire Campaign! This is the first full campaign for Road to Legend where you will be facing off with Merrick Farrows and his fearsome incendiary sorcery.



    We’re all giddy about this app and all the possibilities it offers. And of course this means more Heroic Feats, epic battles, clutch dice rolls and amazing legendary Descent moments! If you’re as excited about this as I am, then stay tuned for more info on the app in the coming weeks!


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