Final Fantasy XV Release Date Announced at FFXV Uncovered

JRPG fans rejoice as Square Enix drops some sizzling Final Fantasy XV news for you little ol' good boys & girls! :)

ONE Store Beta Now Available

September 30, 2016. That’s the date folks, mark it, put it on your phones or annoy your friends to remind you. That’s when Final Fantasy XV – the FF for the next gen console –goes live.

If you’ve been living under the gaming rock, Final Fantasy XV is a rework of what was supposed to be Final Fantasy XIII Versus (part of the Nova Crystallis group of games) for the PS3. While that didn’t pan out as planned, it seemed we get a better deal out of it in the end.

Why you say? Well, today, at the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Event, the guys from Square Enix USA and Japan just dropped some huuuuuuuge geek bombs!

Ka-boom! :3

Ka-boom! :3

The show uncovered fifteen announcements (due, cause Final Fantasy XV haha) but really the ones that got our boxers all wet are the following:

1. Florence and the Machine sings the game’s theme

Yup, Florence and the Machine lend their talents in their interpretation of Ben E. King’s seminal classic, “Stand by Me” for Final Fantasy XV. Yes, it’s a bit weird hearing contemporary music in a fantasy game such as this, but this has been done before with FF 13’s My Hands by Leona Lewis. So, here’s hoping it doesn’t feel too disjointed. Plus, seriously, her take on Stand by Me is hauntingly beautiful!



2. A New Audi R8 crafted for the game

Audi is lending its engineering, design and brand in crafting Noctis’ main coupe and it is gorgeous!

Look at that beauty!

Look at that beauty!

Yup, it's branded. :p

Yup, it’s branded. :p

They’re also creating a one-of-a-kind working production model. I wonder how much that will cost and who they’ll give it to? 😀


3. Lena Headey, Sean Bean and Aaron Paul in a full-length CGI Final Fantasy XV movie

The marketing machinery for probably one of the most anticipated Final Fantasy games is firing in all cylinders with this pre-game movie. The movie (probably) takes place prior to events in Final Fantasy XV and will round the world of Final Fantasy XV further. Sean Bean (Ned Stark from Game of Thrones) voices King Regis while Lena Headey (Queen Cersei from Game of Thrones) voices Princess Luna. And while these two will most likely be mainstays into the game, we’re not sure about Aaron Paul’s character Nyx – a member of the elite guard Kingsglaive. I guess we’ll have to see the film and play the game to find out.

Sean Bean plays this guy. 10/10 will most likely die.

Sean Bean plays this guy. 10/10 will most likely die.

It's Final Fantasy, bitch!

It’s Final Fantasy, bitch!


4. Anime Prequels about the main Characters.

If a feature-length movie isn’t enough, we get treated to short anime episodes about the main cast of Final Fantasy XV. The amount of world-building this game does is amazing! Oh and the first episode is live now, for free! Woohoo!

Final Fantasy Brotherhood

Brotherhood Final Fantasy


5. The Final Fantasy XV Mini Game App is sooo meta!

If you’ve played enough Final Fantasy you know mini games are part of the total experience. The Golden Saucer of FF7, the Bitzball of FF10 and now this quirky pinball machine game thingie from FF15.


FF XV Justice Monster V

What’s special about this particular mini game, though, is it’s a game you can take with you outside of Final Fantasy XV! Yup, they made an app for it!

Final Fantasy Justice Monster V_2

The level of immersion for Final Fanasy XV is just dynamite!




6. Final Fantasy XV  Deluxe and Ultimate Collector’s Edition Pre-Order starts TODAY!

Before announcing the release date, Uncovered teased the box sets for the FF15 Deluxe and Ultimate Collector’s Edition! The Deluxe Ed contains the game, steel book, a couple of DLCs and the Bluray of Kingsglaive.

Deluxe Edition

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition, has that AND MORE. MUCH MUCH MORE!

FF15 Ultimate Collector's Edition


This is also a numbered set and only 30,000 units will be sold throughout the world. Oh, and you can pre-order right. now! Of course, you’ll have to shell out around $300 (taxes and shipping included). If you’re a super fan, you know what to do. CLICK HERE NAO.


7. Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Drops Today!

Platinum Demo

But perhaps one of the most welcomed announcement today is the launch of a new Demo that gives you the ability to play and explore a pocket world of Final Fantasy XV –today! Yuhup! The FF15 Platinum Demo is a tech demo of sorts about Final Fantasy XV. You play as little Noctis in his child-like world. Crazy weapons like the squeaky hammer is available for your use as well.

FFXV Platinum Demo

Like a weird Alice In Wonderland scenario

Like a weird Alice In Wonderland scenario

Unlike Episode Duscae (the previously released demo with Final Fantasy Type 0 for the PS4), Platinum demo operates in a self-contained world. There are mini missions, that you can accomplish and you can even transmogrify yourself into various monsters and beasts from the world of FF15. You also have a pet Carbuncle that you can level up and later on play against with. Upon finishing the tech demo, you are rewarded with your own Carbuncle DLC that you can use in-game for Final Fantasy XV come September 30. The Platinum Demo is also free!

Whew! So there you have it, expect more Final Fantasy XV news today from us as we dig deeper into these various content. September 30 cannot come any sooner!