New Details on Pokémon Go Released From Official US Website


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    Last week, we saw leaked videos on what seems to be gameplay footage for the upcoming game by Nintendo and Niantic. In the video, we can see parts of the gameplay including navigation and how to capture Pokémon (Master Ball on a Ivysaur, really?). Although no statement was released during that time by both companies regarding the video, today they released details from the official US Pokémon website giving further info on their upcoming game.


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    To those unaware (and I’m wondering why), Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality game based on the Pokemon franchise which is mainly designed for smart phones and other supported devices. Aside from using said devices, they will be releasing a supplemental wearable device called the Pokémon Go Plus, which uses a Bluetooth connection to notify users when a Pokémon is nearby with LED and a light rumble.

    Via the user’s camera, people can hunt and capture Pokémon from different areas around the world, which encourages travel. Specific types of Pokémon will inhabit certain areas, for example water-type Pokémon will live near water locations etc. Players are able to hunt, capture, train, and battle Pokémon just like in the video game and anime.

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    Now everyone is up to speed on the game, here are snippets from their announcement:

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    “As you move around, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know you’re near a Pokémon. Once you’ve encountered a Pokémon, take aim on your smartphone’s touch screen and throw a Poké Ball to catch it. Be careful when you try to catch it, or it might run away! Also look for PokéStops located at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers, and monuments, where you can collect more Poké Balls and other items.”

    “There are other ways to add Pokémon to your roster, too. If you catch the same species of Pokémon enough times, you’ll get the opportunity to evolve one of them. And as you explore, you may find Pokémon Eggs at PokéStops, which will hatch after you’ve walked a certain distance. When they hatch, you may find Pokémon you’ve never seen before!”

    “At a certain point in the game, you’ll be asked to join one of three teams. Once you join a team, you’ll gain the ability to assign Pokémon you’ve caught to empty Gym locations or to a location where a team member has placed one of his or her Pokémon. Like PokéStops, Gyms can be found at real locations in the world. Each player can place only one Pokémon at a particular Gym, so you’re encouraged to work with others on the team to build up a strong defense.

    “If a Gym is already claimed by another team, you can challenge that Gym using your own Pokémon. Using the Pokémon you’ve caught, engage in battle with the defending Pokémon at the Gym to claim control.”

    “An early field test (limited to Japan only) is planned for Pokémon GO while the game is still in active development. The features, available languages, design, and overall appearance are not final. Please stay tuned for information about expansion of the field test to other markets.”

    “Pokémon GO will be available for download at no charge on the App Store and Google Play. In-app purchases will also be available.”


    Oh… my… Gawd… There are Pokestops?? and you can evolve your own Pokemon??? AND you have GYM BATTLES?!? I’ve died and gone to Poke-heaven! Once again, if you wanna see the full announcement, simply click HERE.


    Now who wants to be the very best? Like no one ever was? More importantly, who wants to join me on TEAM ROCKET!? Complete with opening dialogue! 😀

    For now, I’m blasting off at the speed of light! Till next time!

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