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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    PLDT-Sony Partnership Announces Release of Fibr-PS4 Bundle


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    Today, PLDT announced their newest partnership to further build their Entertainment profile and it’s with no other than entertainment giant, Sony! The even better news? They also announced the release of a new FIBR Bundle that comes with a PS4!

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    Here are the deets:

    • Bundle Option 1
      • Sony Playstation 4 gaming console
      • Fibr Connection with up to 1 Gbps Upload AND Download
      • Free Cignal, iflix, and FOX International Channels
      • Php 749.00 / month (36 month Lock-in Period) on top of PLDT HOME Fibr Plans
    • Bundle Option 2
      • Sony Playstation 4 gaming console
      • Complimentary copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End when it launches on May 10
      • Fibr Connection with up to 1 Gbps Upload AND Download
      • Free Cignal, iflix, and FOX International Channels
      • Php 849.00 / month (36 month Lock-in Period) on top of PLDT HOME Fibr Plans

    Yep, you saw that right! If you opt for Bundle Option 2, you get a copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End when it comes out!

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    Irwin de Guzman, Product Manager of PLDT Home Fibr

    We had a chat with Mr. Irwin de Guzman, Product Manager of PLDT Home Fibr, and asked more about these awesome new bundles.

    • When will these new bundles be available for purchase?
      • Around mid-end April, 2016
    • When do you get the PS4?
      • 7-10 days after completion of your Fibr Application
    • When do you get Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End?
      • People will get them ASAP as long as stocks allow



    So you want to have an awesome gaming console and really fast internet? Just apply next month! Just be sure that your area is suitable for Fibr connections. Get the info you need at Time to get your game on!

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    Rob Yatco
    Rob Yatco
    Editor-in-Chief of Ungeek - YouTuber, Video Gamer, and Board Gamer by Passion. Freelance Marketer and Strategist by Trade. Enjoys story-based games and pizza... you can never have enough pizza. Mmmm, pizza...


    1. They should have just included a 1 year subscription of PS Plus to take advantage of the Fibr connection. I know Uncharted 4 is going to have Multiplayer but they could have chosen better MP games like CoD, BF, 2K16, etc. Just saying.

    2. I doubt it. PS4 7-10 days? Then Unchanted 4 as long as it is available? Baka ndi na maibigay yan. Puro promises nlng. Dapat may concrete na info para totoo.

      • Well, hoping for the best. According to the Product Manager of Fibr Home, we should see this outcome upon launch. Let’s see what happens when the actual launch happens.

    3. Uhm, I’d rather buy uncharted 4 physical copy rather than option 2, 100*36= 3600 for the copy? should’ve included ps+ 3 mos. or less. Anyway.Good to see that partnership

      • You’re right, I’m most excited about that partnership as well. And I guess the best thing out of the deal is that you get a SUPER DEFERRED payment option for getting a PS4.

    4. “on top of PLDT HOME Fibr Plans” ibig sabihin bukod pa yung bayad ng actual fibr which is 1899-3500 tama? So 749/849 + Fibr (1899-3500) / month?

      • According to PLDT, it’s can be added to any of the PLDT Home Fibr Plans but, of course, feel free to check with them just to be sure. You can find their site details in the article 🙂

    5. This article is quite misleading. There are no indication that the 749 and 849 would be an additional to the current PLDT fibr plans. Naive people like me who are not aware of the PLDT fibr plans would automatically assume that it would be only 749 or 849. I hope you could indicate that it would be “an additional to the PLDT fibr plans”. Thanks, Great news though.

      • Actually, if you check the breakdown in the article, we mention that it’s on top of PLDT Home Fibr Plans. 🙂 We did, however, release this earlier with the error of not being able to immediately put that. Apologies for that. We’ve made the edit a few hours after the article was released so it should be accurate now. 🙂

    6. Huge claims for PLDT. Baka di nila kayanin ang pag-sustain ng connection. Besides, kung magpa-partner sila sa Sony, then the plans should be 100% unlimited, no BS. Meaning walang data cap or bumabagal habang tumatagal, or kung marami nang subscribers. Updates pa lang ng games kulang na ang usual 5GB/month. So yung 1 gigabits/sec nila is roughly 125 MBPS. It may be too early to say. But if they are making bold claims, better be sure that they can maintain good service.

    7. May 2 na wala pa din update tungkol sa PS4 bundle nila, Tuloy pa kaya to? Wala man lang kasing updates for the whole april.


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