An anime adaptation of Sakamoto desu ga? (English title — Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto), a very popular slice-of-life manga series known for it’s comedic and over-the-top antics, will start airing on Japanese television this April.



Sakamoto desu ga? tells of Sakamoto (yes, just Sakamoto), a high school student known across his campus as, not only the best model student, but also the coolest guy around. Fairly smart, witty, and marred by his weird mannerisms, Sakamoto manages to overcome his everyday problems in the most absurd way. While keeping his cool. And swag street cred. And his female fan base. And his male un-fan base.

It’s difficult to explain. Go watch it.


It’s definitely worth checking out. Sakamoto desu ga? is produced by Studio Deen, and will be airing in Japan starting April 8, 2015.


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