Supergirl and The Flash crossover poster and teaser unveiled

One of the most requested and exciting superhero TV team-ups is coming in less than two weeks from now, as Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and Berlanti Productions release a short teaser trailer and epic poster for the upcoming "Supergirl and Flash" crossover episode "Worlds Finest" that will happen on "Supergirl" on March 28th!

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One of the most anticipated superhero crossovers for this year will finally happen in less than two weeks, as CBS and The CW join forces to bring Melissa Benoist’s Kara Zor-El/ Kara Danvers and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen together for a multiverse adventure in the upcoming “Supergirl x Flash” crossover episode in “Supergirl“!


In the episode entitled “Worlds Finest”, Kara meets Barry when he travels from his alternate universe to her world. While they try to find a way to get him back to his own world, The Flash assists Supergirl in facing the villains Silver Banshee and Livewire.


It’s definitely the first major step in uniting two DC Universes from two different networks together, and the poster above is a homage to Superman #199, where the Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster raced to find out who was indeed “The Fastest Man Alive“.

Check out a very small but exciting teaser released for the team-up below.

The Supergirl and Flash crossover, both shows produced by Berlanti Productions, happens on March 28th!