Ubisoft PH opens! The Philippine Gaming Revolution starts now?


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    In breaking news today, Ubisoft has just announced that they will be setting up shop RIGHT HERE in the Philippines! If you listened closely, you could also hear the sound of thousands of geeks shouting in joy and excitement.

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    Ubisoft, knows for hit games like Tom Clancy’s The Division and South Park: The Stick of Truth as well as iconic gaming franchises like Assassins Creed and Far Cry, announced the opening of UBISOFT PHILIPPINES which would be located at Santa Rosa, Laguna. They’re planning to hire 50 people to start things up which means you gotta update them CVs, boys and girls. You can contact Ubisoft PH at for their job opportunities. 

    Tom Clancy's The Division is the most recent gaming hit from Ubisoft
    Tom Clancy’s The Division is the most recent gaming hit from Ubisoft


    According to Chip Go, studio manager of Ubisoft Philippines:

    “I am very excited to have the opportunity to come back to my country of origin to kick start a brand new studio for Ubisoft. Every day Filipinos leave the country in search of opportunities elsewhere. I was one of those people eight years ago, and now I’m happy to come back and bring my own experience in AAA game development. I know that this experience, as well as Ubisoft’s 30 years of industry expertise, is going to spark great things, and is a huge opportunity for the Philippines.”


    But WHY the celebration? Why all the joy and excitement?

    Because, IF this all goes well, this could very well be the cause of a revolution in the Philippine Gaming Scene.


    This could be a thing here. To some, this is just a billboard. To me, this is the start of a video gamer's dream-come-true
    This could be a thing here. To some, this is just a billboard. To me, this is the start of a video gamer’s dream-come-true

    First of all, this shows just how BIG the gaming industry is getting. For a gaming giant like Ubisoft to start looking for talent here, that means a whole new LEVEL of Game Creation, Development, and Marketing for us here locally. We’ll have local talents directly involved with the development of upcoming Triple-A Games to start with. But who knows? What if, soon, we get Gaming Ads on Primetime television? Gaming-related Billboard Advertising? More mainstream gaming-related events? I’m not saying that this will all happen in 2016 but these could very well be in the realm of possibilities for our future!


    Photo taken from:
    Photo taken from:

    Next, it means JOBS – and not just any kind of job – but the HOLY-GRAIL-OF-GAMING kind of jobs. How long have gamers been dreaming of working at these major studios? And now, FINALLY, they can do so WITHOUT leaving the country. What if this is just the start? What if this marks the start of OTHER major game companies like VALVE, BETHESDA, BIOWARE… One can dream but the opening of Ubisoft Philippines is definitely a start.


    Photo taken from:
    Photo taken from:

    Third, we may see a new generation of gaming talent on the horizon. Part of Ubisoft’s intentions is to work with local universities to cultivate the necessary talent – which may influence curriculum, start special school projects, and so on. The next generation may very well be the people behind upcoming Game-of-the-Year titles.


    All-in-all, it’s exciting news and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I, for one, am joining the celebration as we welcome the arrival of the first major game company in our country. Huzzahs all around!


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