Captain America: Civil War: Team Cap and Team Iron Man take shots at each other on world tours!

Opening later this week internationally and on May 6 in the US, Team Cap and Team Iron Man have been busy travelling the world and promoting "Captain America: Civil War" via world premiere tours... And have made awesome viral videos at their destinations to take shots and one up one another! Check it out!

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It all comes down to this – “United We Stand. Divided We Fall”, as members of the Avengers and their allies split into two factions and fight over the future of superheroics in the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film that is “Captain America: Civil War” – pitting “Team Cap” against “Team Iron Man” and asking the world to pick a side and “Choose Wisely”!


In an effort to promote the film’s release worldwide, both teams have split and gone to different parts of the globe, with Tony Stark and Team Iron Man going to Europe for their premiere tour and taking a jab at the opposition by visiting the ol’ “Iron Lady” herself… The Eiffel Tower.

That’s Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark for you. Always a show off.


Meanwhile, Team Cap visited Singapore with Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie in tow, and had their own lightshow to bring to the people there in an effort to respond to the opposition.

And that’s pretty much how you do it to get everyone HYPED.


Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters in the Philippines on April 27, and in the US on May 6!