Good Game, Have Fun! ESL One Manila happens tomorrow!

GGWP, guys! Who's watching this awesome Dota 2 bakbakan this weekend? ;)

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The very first South East Asia DOTA 2 tournament that sports a cool 11.5 Million Pesos cash prize happens this weekend (April 23 and 24) at the SM MOA Arena. DOTA, or Defense of the Ancients, is a popular massive online battle arena game where two teams comprising of 5 players each try to destroy the opposing player’s home base (or Ancient).

Eight team from across the world will gather and battle it out for the top spot – including our home-grown team, Mineski Sports5!

8 World-class themes, 2 amazing days!

8 World-class themes, 2 amazing days!

More than 10,000 local and foreign fans are expected to fill the venue and millions more will be tuning in via online and television broadcast. Yeahp, you heard that right. TELEVISION.



Since ESL One Manila is being co-produced by PLDT, SMART and TV5 along with ESL and Mineski-Events Team, we’re expecting pro-level production at par with international event standards. Aside from being a major International Dota event, ESL One Manila helps in widening the floodgates for eSports to flourish in the Philippines.

The support of large companies like PLDT, Smart and a major tv network like TV5 sends a strong signal that eSport in the Philippines is ripe for the picking. In fact, according to the press release that we got, the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and the Philippine National Government has tagged the event as one of the month’s bigger tourist attractions! The ESL One Manila was also lauded by a certain public official stating that the event may even bring valid business opportunities and prestige for the country. Yay for professionalizing eSports!

Gamer Superstar, that is who you are, coming from afar, reaching for the stars...

Gamer Superstar, that is who you are, coming from afar, reaching for the stars…

If you want to be part of the action but weren’t able to buy the ticket to the live event (we heard it got sold out pretty quickly) do not panic. You can watch the games from the comforts of your home (or sports bar) since the games will be streamed and broadcasted IN ITS ENTIRETY through AksyonTV and/or TV5. Wew!

spongebob im ready


Check the schedules below or head over to TV5’s GG Network for further details:

You can also check Ungeek from time to time as we’ll be on-ground in the SM Moa Arena covering the event. If you’re there this weekend and bump into us, say hi! Promise, we’ll say hi back! 😀 Kita kits, guys!