Hans Zimmer Retires from Superhero Movies

Sadly, not an April Fool's joke. You will be missed in the superhero world, Hans Zimmer.

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This is one of those news items that we wished was an April Fool’s joke, but sadly this is very real — and dated March 30, according to a report by Entertainment Weekly.

Hans Zimmer File

Hans Zimmer, who has been responsible for scoring some of cinemas biggest blockbusters, says: “I have officially retired from the superhero business.”

The acclaimed composer has spent more than a decade scoring superhero films, such as: Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman. Though this might be the last time we hear his gorgeous work breathing life to super powered fight scenes, there are still other film genres out there and he is reuniting with Nolan for Dunkirk. If you haven’t checked out the Batman v Superman OST with Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL, we highly recommend putting on full blast while you work out or as your heroically go about your daily grind. Spotify has the whole album for you to stream. Our personal favorite would be Luthor’s Theme, and Wonder Woman’s. 🙂