Time to wrangle some demons with Wynnona Earp

The best way to describe what you’re about to see is “Crazy B*yatch with a Gun”

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Canada, known for their cold weather, hockey, maple trees, Robin Scherbatsky, and the makers of great shows such as Babylon 5 and Dark Matter,  has a brand new show for you with a nice western theme to it called Wynonna Earp.

The best way to describe what you’re about to see is “Crazy B*yatch with a Gun



The show is based on the comic book series by Beau Smith. This eponymous 13-episode TV show centers on a modern day descendant of famed lawman Wyatt Earp (played by Melanie Scrofano) who is basically damaged goods because of her traumatic past.


Heres the synopsis from Syfy:

“After years away, Wynonna Earp has traveled back to her home town of Purgatory to reluctantly take on the role destined for Wyatt Earp’s heir: Demon protector. Her enemy: Revenants, the resurrected (and twisted) souls of the criminals Wyatt Earp once took down. Using only her wits…, Wynonna, along with sister Waverely, associate Agent Dolls, and Wyatt’s cursed-with-immortality-best-friend Doc Holliday, must try to stop the Revenants from taking over the town – and escaping into the world. “


Just like that, I was kinda sold to the idea. “Western Shootout against some supernatural beings? I’m IN!” The show has its over the top moments which reminds me of “Ash vs Evil Dead” with “Jessica Jones”. The show premiered last April 1 on SyFy and definitely worth the watch!