A Glimpse In The Gunpla Hobby

We take a closer look at Gunpla Model Builder scene.

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Come and see what’s all the hub-bub is about.

Gundam Model Kit Contests, a stage where newcomers and professionals alike can exhibit their skills and creativity in making the perfect Gunpla model kits and be hailed as finest model kit builder of the day. The prizes aren’t half bad either hehe – a round trip ticket to South Korea for this year’s Gunpla Expo.


Event exclusive kits, get them while supplies last.


So what makes the hobby so prolific? There’s a number of things that can be said to contribute to its popularity – a rich history that spans three decades, ever-evolving stories / designs, and a solid community that forms the foundation of the whole hobby. All this makes the Gundam series one of the most successful and enduring series of anime internationally.


The newest SD design with more articulation than ever before.

Gundam, as a toy, has a plethora of designs that would appeal to almost anyone’s aesthetics. It also has an assembly difficulty that ranges from just a few parts (for kids to handle) all the way to the ones that feature several hundreds of parts for your adult enthusiasts.

Each kit’s customization is only limited by the builders’ imagination and can also be mixed and matched with other kits. Prices are pretty reasonable and the availability is wide-spread. The most notable aspect of the hobby is the feeling of building a kit on your own. Looking at it from an engineering point of view, how the parts are designed to fit with each other and the amount of attention to detail and function of each individual pieces simply leaves you in awe at the effort that was put into each and every Gunpla kit. The Japanese are really something.



A paint job that made a plastic toy look metallic.



1/60 scale custom perfect grade Astray.



An excellent example of weathering.


If this piqued even the slightest of your interest, I highly recommend checking out local events and stores that features the Gunpla Kits and contests. Look into it and you may just get like it enough to give it a shot.


Adorable Gundams.


Believe or not, this is also a Gundam.


ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos, the newest hero of the series.