Codenames Philippine Edition to be Released on June 2016

Codenames is about to release a PHILIPPINE EDITION. This game will be a localized version of the global favorite and it's coming to us next month!

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Codenames, the Tabletop game that has been renowned as the Best Boardgame of 2015 and Best Party Game of 2015, is about to release a PHILIPPINE EDITION. This game will be a localized version of the global favorite and it’s coming to us next month!


Codenames Description

For those of you who are not so familiar, Codenames is a Tabletop word game from Czech Games Edition. The game where teams compete to see who can find all of their agents first (represented by words on a word grid). Spymasters (aka their team leaders) give one-word clues that refer to their agents/words on the grid. Their teammates try to guess the right words while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin (which causes an auto-lose to the team that chooses the word of the assassin). For the full rules of the game, you can check it out here!


Image taken from Boardgamegeek

Image taken from Boardgamegeek

Now, Gaming Library, in cooperation with Czech Games Edition, has made a localized version of the game to cater specifically to the Filipino Community. It’s also worth mentioning, especially for you skeptics out there, that this collaboration is 100% official and is sanctioned by the game designer himself so no need to worry that this isn’t legit.

The project was proposed by Gaming Library to Czech Games Edition because of how rapid the growth of the Boardgame Industry is here in the Philippines (with Boardgame venues and stores growing by 500% from 2015-2016 as well as Player / owner base growing by 300%). “There’s so much growth in the market that we felt that Codenames Philippine Edition would definitely be a hit, especially with how much love Filipinos have for Codenames Internation Edition” says Adrian Manahan – Gaming Library VP for Marketing.

The game was developed by a team of passionate Filipino gamers and was playtested by a small group of Filipino volunteers. This was all done in the effort to make sure that this game will have the appeal, game balance, and fun factor of the International Edition and more!



So what exactly can you look forward to in Codenames Philippine Edition? There are a bunch of new words related to Filipino Culture. Words such as TRICYCLE, OFW, ADOBO, RECTO, KALABAW, and BALUT. Gaming Library was also able to give us a sneak peek of the box art. Check it out!


codenames filipino version copy

Note: This is NOT Final and may change upon launch

As if we weren’t excited enough already, Gaming Library also mentioned to us that we can expect many more partnerships and projects to come between them and international game publishers! So we recommend that you stay tuned to their website and Facebook for updates and announcements.

Codenames Philippine Edition is set to have an initial limited-quantity release on June 2016 and a full release on July-August 2016. It will also only be exclusively available at Gaming Library and their partners.