Pathfinder Adventures now Available!

Are you a big fan of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? Got a tablet? Then say hello to Pathfinder Adventures!

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Are you a big fan of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? Got a tablet? Then say hello to Pathfinder Adventures!



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Brought to us by Obsidian Entertainment and Paizo, Pathfinder Adventures is the digital translation of the best-selling Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, initially available for tablets. The app is FREE for download with in-app purchases. More than just adapting from the source, this app transforms the game into something more, providing additional contents as well as one of the best benefits that fans of the game would agree upon… No more card-sorting. No more clumsy shuffles. No more miscounted blessings deck! All of these are done by your personal butler… errr, I mean the app! Huzzah!


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Pathfinder Adventures currently features the Rise of the Runelords adventure, well… part of it for now as developments are currently ongoing to complete the whole adventure. But I’m willing to bet that it won’t end in just 1 adventure!



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As we were trying out this awesome app, here are some special features that we’ve noted thus far:

  • Cutscenes featuring your party members having a bit of dialogue with the characters you encounter throughout your adventure.
  • The beautiful maps and location backdrops! Finally, they’re not just random cards with a picture on the table. The locations are now placed on a map so you can better visualize where your party travels to.
  • The app also has Gold System which you can use to buy characters, adventures and other things from the in-app store. So you can have the option of grinding for gold instead of making in-app purchases.
  • There is a Quest System which features custom scenarios, giving you more Pathfinder awesomeness!
  • If you’re looking for challenges, the scenarios have increasing difficulties which you can take on for better rewards!
  • Worried how things can get complicated? Don’t fret! The app comes with a comprehensive tutorial which you can play through to get yourself familiarized with the app.
  • You can activate Perma-death mode, meaning if your character dies, IT. DIES.
  • Want to play the app with your friends? Multi-player and Pass-and-Play modes might suit you just fine.



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And to answer some of those rumors floating around… Yes, the app has some bugs. BUT the community is actively on the lookout for them, providing quick solutions and workarounds. Hopefully, these get resolved in future updates and patches, so we’re not too worried.


So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and go on those Pathfinder Adventures!