Signups for the Pokèmon Go Field Test Live in the US

We want to be the very best that no one ever was! The launch for Pokèmon Go is slowly drawing ever nearer and we’re clearly buying into all of the hype. We were also excited to learn that Niantic Labs just announced that they are now accepting signups to field test the app in the US. Yup, only in the US. Sadness. It’s super effective.

We will also be hard-pressed for details as people who have been accepted to go on their Pokèmon journey before the rest of us must adhere to strict confidentiality clauses to keep details on the DL. Testers will also have their data wiped periodically during the testing process and ultimately have all their progressed erased before the app is launch for the rest of the world.

Psyched to catch ’em all? Most of the UnGeek Team are.


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