Steve Rogers is back as Captain America… HAIL HYDRA?

It's all over the internet, memes have been created, and fans are up in arms over the latest development Marvel has done to one of its most iconic characters. Steve Rogers is BACK as Captain America... And he's also a HYDRA agent?! It's a All-New, All-Different world alright... And things have only just begun for the original Star-Spangled Avenger's newest ongoing series return.

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By now you’ve probably heard the news, read the various memes, and tried to make sense of something many thought impossible – the original Captain America is back… But as a HYDRA agent?! Yep, that’s exactly what Marvel Comics just did when they restored Steve Rogers to his prime and put him back in active duty with the new ongoing series “Captain America: Steve Rogers”  written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Jesus Saiz – which began its run with a heck of a revelation when Steve Rogers as Cap betrays everything we knew about him and utters the words “Hail Hydra” on the very last page of the first issue.


So… That was totally unexpected. What does the future hold for the Marvel Universe now that Cap has been revealed to be a dedicated Hydra follower all this time? Well we won’t know the full story until the second issue comes out this June, but a LOT of people are up in arms and in disbelief over this move Marvel has done to everyone’s favorite Star-Spangled Avenger. Of course, it’s just a comic book story, and there have been several shake ups to Cap’s career and life in his comic book career that have more or less cause similar controversy and discussion amongst the fanbase.


Take for example Ed Brubaker’s stellar run on Captain America, which not only reintroduced Bucky Barnes into the Marvel Universe as the Winter Soldier (that itself controversial then and now praised), but also KILLING OFF Captain America himself come issue #25 of that run and keeping him dead for a couple of years to boot. That also made the headlines and started down a path where Cap was remembered, honored, and appreciated… Stuff that seems like only yesterday when you compare it to his current news making situation.


There was even a Captain America miniseries before called “Captain America: Hail Hydra” – written by Jonathan Maberry and illustrated by Sergio Cariello –  which saw Steve actually fighting Hydra through the DECADES when they started their long line of experiments to create the perfect god and soldier – which affected the Super Soldier both physically and emotionally as he fought the good fight to eliminate this evil organization once and for all.

So we won’t know exactly why Cap’s been with Hydra all this time… Just possible theories that have to do with is rejuvenation by the cosmic cube girl Kobik (with a great article theory by i09) or him playing double agent all this time. Until then, Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort has been adamant along with Nick Spencer that this is the REAL Steve Rogers in their interview with EW. Not a clone. Not an LMD. Just Captain America… Super Soldier, WWII Veteran… And Hydra Agent.


And remember, this ISN’T Chris Evans Cap from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.