SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Asus Republic of Gamers Invade Manila Major


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    Reunite in Seal M

    If you’re dropping by the biggest eSport event in Philippine history, The Dota 2 Manila Majors, you might want to check out ASUS’ Republic of Gamers experience booth on the 2nd floor.

    Asus ROG experience

    ASUS is showcasing their latest wares that are battle-tested for gamers – from Star Wars-looking Router, to Strix Mice to the wallet-busting, quarter-of-a-million-peso gaming towers (the new GT51 that was recently featured at our sister site,  and compact (but powerful) gaming notebooks.

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    Behold, the awesome power of my router!
    Behold, the awesome power of my router!


    I know I have 200,000 peso lying around here somewhere...
    I know I have 200,000 peso lying around here somewhere…


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    Sooo purty!
    Sooo purty!

    Instead of simply creating a showcase booth, in true blue gaming fashion, ASUS Republic of Gamers crafted a quirky experience area where geeks of all kind get to test their products AND get their nerd-cred tested as well.

    You start by registering and getting a passport.

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    You know where this is going
    You know where this is going

    Each activity that you do will earn you a stamp. Each stamp gets you a freebie and once you finish everything you’re rewarded with even bigger prizes.

    Merch, merch, merch, merch
    Shirts, lanyard, mousepads and um I have no idea what that red thing is called. 😀

    But sure freebies are fun and all but you actually can get a little something better if you do amazingly well per challenge! What are these geeky challenges you say? Welp…

    Time Attack
    I feel the need. The need for speed!

    Zoom in and beat the best time of other players in a racing game!

    Time Attack 2


    Or dish out your frustration on pro-gaming with a 5 v 5 DOTA Tournament! Yes, folks, it’s time to put what you learned in Manila Major to the test at the ASUS Booth!

    5v5 dota asus rog


    Winners get a nifty ROG Backpack each! Wewe!

    5v5 dota asus rog2


    For those who claim to belong to the PC Master Race, here’s the chance to prove your tech knowledge with ASUS ROG’s Build a PC challenge. Yes, you actually get to build a Rig!


    Build a PC


    For more mind-twisting fun, there’s also ASUS ROG’s Break the Code challenge which I’m still figuring out what to do exactly. So if you have any idea on what that thing is, please TELL ME! :'(

    Break the Code1


    Break the Code2
    You get to win THIS in ASUS ROG’s Break the Code game

    If you crack the code, you get the peripheral inside the cage! AND I WANT IT! So please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, tell me how to break that damn code!!! 😀

    All in all, ASUS ensures that you get your Manila Major experience fully realized! Visit them during the games’ down time and who knows you might walk out of the venue with a free peripheral or two.  Drop by the 2nd floor of Mall of Asia Arena, register, and Join the Republic!

    Join the republic of gamers


    The ASUS ROG Experience Booth is opened till Sunday.
    LIKE their Facebook Page as well.

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