Barakamon fans rejoice! Your favorite awkward calligraphist is back but this time we go back to his high school days in manga turned anime title, Handa-Kun.



Taking place six (6) years prior to the events of Barakamon, our protagonist Seishuu Handa as a high school student lived an awkwardly interesting school life. Admired by his peers as a savant in the art of calligraphy and being given the respect one deserves in his craft he finds himself under the mistaken impression that the attention he receives from the other students is bullying.



His quest to get through high-school as peaceful and quietly as possible ends up in hilarity as he is met with challenges one after another by students trying to gain popularity only to end up respecting Handa despite leaving Handa clueless and terrified of the ordeal.  For those familiar with Barakamon you’ll get to see how Handa and his art dealer Kawafuji ended up being the best of friends. This slice of life series is slated to be part of Japan’s Summer Anime Line-up this July 2016.


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