Sony E3 2016 Recap: God Of War, Resident Evil VII, Playstation VR, Hideo Kojima, and more!

Just wrapping up their presentation for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony's E3 2016 Press Conference just had a LOT of games and trailers - with God of War, Resident Evil 7, Playstation VR games, Hideo Kojima's new game, and more showcased and revealed! Check it out!

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Ok Sony PS fans, the guys behind the Playstation have wrapped up their Press Conference at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo… And there’s A LOT of things to talk about and share with the vast number of games that were revealed which are currently in development and coming out between the end of this year and towards 2017! Let’s give a roll call of the highlights and trailers that went down during the program!

First up… GOD OF WAR. KRATOS IS BACK, with a son to teach as the game is set in Norse Mythology. Take a look!


Next up, the long awaited and delayed game called “The Last Guardian” FINALLY HAS A RELEASED DATE of October 25th this year for PS4.

Then Sony unleashed a barrage of upcoming new IPs, including this new survival horror, post-apocalyptic game called “Days Gone”, which feels like “Sons of Anarchy” meets The Walking Dead!


Then comes 8 MINUTES OF BEAUTIFUL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE of Horizon Zero Dawn – that action game featuring a hunter girl named Aloy as she explores an open-world filled with mechanical beasts!

Then came one of the surprising reveals of the Sony Press Con – RESIDENT EVIL 7 CONFIRMED, and it’s a First Person game that’s coming on January next year! However, the first demo of the game’s NOW AVAILABLE FOR PS PLUS SUBSCRIBERS! GO GET IT!


Then Playstation VR was FINALLY given a release date and price, coming October 2016 and with a $399 tag to its name!

Some of the games showcased and teased make use of the VR’s ability to immerse the player into the world and role of the character they play… And that includes Rocksteady Studios’ newly announced Batman Arkham VR game, with Mark Hamill doing voice over work as The Joker to tease the upcoming new virtual reality experience that has you becoming The Bat!

Then comes this amazing VR game by Quantic Dream of Heavy Rain fame – Detroit Becomes Human, where you play an android and make various kinds of choices with different consequences!

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XV also popped up, complete with an announced VR mode too.

Then Insomniac Games is making a brand new Spider-Man game for the PS4!

And how can we forget… HIDEO KOJIMA’S NEW GAME “Death Stranding”, with Norman Reedus starring in the very first trailer reveal of the new game by Kojima Productions!

Pretty much those are the highlights, plus REMASTERED Crash Bandicoot games coming! Check out the sizzle reel for Sony and Playstation’s E3 2016 Press Con! You can also watch the whole conference by clicking here!