Catch the 2nd print of these great DC Rebirth and Captain America comics this week!

Good news! Reprints of Captain America and some of the first wave of DC Rebirth are coming out this week!

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If you’re like me (meaning you’re not a rabid comic book fan who compulsively keeps tabs of the comics releasing each week), then chances are you missed out on the first wave of DC Rebirth and Captain America titles that hit the stands a couple of weeks back. Local retailers were completely sold out on these titles as they were simply not prepared for the massive demand and pre-orders were cut short.

Well, good news! Reprints of some of these great titles are coming out this week! The naysayer would say these are 2nd prints and are therefore of “lesser” value in the market. But unless you’re a comic book investor/connoisseur who hopes to flip these for good money 10 years down the line (and I mean probably a few thousand pesos only), you’re better off spending that P160 pesos on a good story you will enjoy right now. Gone are the days when the comics sold for 3 million dollars, but the age of great storytelling is here to stay.

Enough chit chat! Which great titles are coming out (again)? Glad you asked!
captain america

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1
Did he? Or did he not? Steve Rogers made waves last month when he uttered those inconceivable words. Want to find out how it all began? Grab a copy next week. And if there’s any copies left, get a copy of Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 as well which just came out this week. As we wrote about earlier, something interesting might be a brewing.

Flash: Rebirth #1
With Wally West and the Flashpoint event apparently playing a big part in how the bigger DC Rebirth event will shake out, I think this is one of the titles that we need to keep our eyes on. So far the story has gravitated to a more grounded story, but knowing DC it won’t be long before they step on the gas and raise the stakes again for DC Rebirth.
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1
Our favorite Amazonian is back and paired once again with Greg Rucka, writer behind one of the best modern runs in Wonder Woman’s history. Similar to Flash, DC has removed Diana from the front of the action and given her own self-contained story that’s still in line with the DC Rebirth themes.. aka a rediscovery of these heroes core identities. And no identity has been as convoluted as the Amazonian Princess in the last few years. The only question is, which truth about Diana will be THE truth? Will she be something she’s willing to accept? Or will it be something else we don’t expect?

So that’s it! Rush to your comic book stores and reserve a copy now. Let me know if there are other great reprints I missed. I sure hope not. I don’t think there will be 3rd prints. (But don’t quote me on that because with these comic book companies, you never know!) What are you waiting for? Run!