Attention, Splendor Boardgame Enthusiasts! The Annual DyceNDyne Splendor Tournament is happening once again and it’s going down this weekend!



  • What: Splendor Tournament
  • When: July 17, 2016 – Sunday– 3:00pm
  • Limited slots available

This Sunday (July 17, 2016) at 3:00PM, the 2016 DyceNDyne Splendor Tournament goes in full-swing and is open to all Splendor players especially casuals and beginners! Participants will be squaring off with each other to get Splendor Swag! What does that mean? Here. Have a look:

Splendor Playmat


Extra Splendor Nobles


Special Translucent Chips


The Grand Winner will receive ALL 3 prizes while 2nd Place gets 2 of the 3 prizes. Think the winning conditions are too steep? Don’t worry! DyceNDyne will be giving away special Splendor goodies to EVERYONE who joins. It’s a surprise for now but, believe me, you’ll definitely like it. 😉



What are you waiting for? Join now! You can sign up by clicking HERE  or by calling 0906 307 8465 to book your slot now!