Hong Kong now has Pokémon GO officially live!

Just before lunch today, Hong Kong-based user can now download and enjoy Pokémon GO app.

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 (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

Just before lunch today, Hong Kong-based user can now download and enjoy Pokémon GO app.


After 19 days from it’s first official roll-out, Hong Kong is the second Asian country who went officially live with Pokémon GO, following Japan’s launch last Friday. Eager fans from Hong Kong and the rest of Asia have been waiting for the official launch of this popular augmented reality game since it’s launch last July 6.  Posted on Twitter, Nash Jekins (@pnashjenkins) of the Time (magazine) and user Ivor (@ivorization)  have captured the craze and posted in their accounts.



Several Hong Kong-based users have already shared in their social media channels their encounters of Pokémon available in their area.









Last week, Hong Kong mobile operators CSL and 1O1O have announced their offers of free mobile data promos for their subscriber base to use in playing Pokémon GO. Any data usage from the Pokémon GO app will not count towards customers’ monthly data caps.

We foresee that Pokemon Go popularity will take off once this new sensation is launched in Hong Kong and we are making this offer available so our customers can play the game for hours on end without having to worry about mobile data consumption,” — Bruce Lam, CSL Mobile Chief Marketing Officer

At present, Pokémon GO has officially launched in a total of 38 countries. Other recent activations includes Canada (July 18), Japan (July 22), and France (July 24). Niantic Labs and Nintendo has yet to announce the  activations for other countries.

Similar to you, our readers, the team of Ungeek.ph is at the edge of our seats waiting for the official release in the Philippines, ready to go out and be the very best like no one every was.  *still crossing our fingers*


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