XSplit developer acquires 2 Platforms as part of a $10 Million Investment Strategy

SplitmediaLabs Limited (“SplitmediaLabs”) has announced the acquisition of social discovery platform, Player.me, and tournament management service, Challonge.

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SplitmediaLabs Limited (“SplitmediaLabs”) , the makers of internet broadcasting and live streaming software, XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster, has announced the acquisition of social discovery platform, Player.me, and tournament management service, Challonge. These acquisitions are part of their $10 million investment strategy to create a wholistic gaming platform that connects the community with the content they love. They foresee that this move will garner them a total of over 8 million registered users, 2 million unique monthly visitors, and 90,000+ tournaments created each month.

“Both products deliver the best in class experience in their respective areas. To date we’ve been mainly focused on maintaining leadership and driving organic growth of XSplit, but these acquisitions will move us into the realm of providing more services for the gaming community as part of a grander vision,” 

“There has been tremendous growth in our particular space recently, but very little coming out is truly different, We’re going to shake things up a bit over the next few years, by making streaming opportunities as accessible and rewarding as possible for all, from individual players and content creators to esports entrepreneurs and publishers. We’ll have more to reveal about these plans soon.” – Henrik Levring, CEO of SplitmediaLabs.



For those of you who aren’t familiar, Player.me is a social community for gamers and discovery platform. It helps content creators grow their channels, discover like-minded players, and find new games they love. It boasts over 1 million+ activities on the platform per month, a rapidly growing user-base, including high-­profile stars like Moosnuckel and Caveman Films. Last month, it launched its iPhone and Android apps.



Challonge, on the other hand, is used as a bracket generator and is a tool for large scale eSports events such as the Capcom Pro Tour, a series of Blizzard tournaments including the WCS World League in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and Red Bull Kumite 2016.

By combining the Player.me community and discovery engine with Challonge’s tournament bracket technology, tournament organisers will be able to manage, market, and run events to a targeted audience, while players looking to get involved on a competitive level will be able to raise the visibility of their profiles via the various Player.me social features. Indeed, XSplit is creating something really synergistic and wholisic for gamers and content creators. We’re very excited to see what else XSplit will do in the future!


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