Celebrity Car Wars Debuts Tonight!

Ready for some high-octane fun? Celebrity Car Wars premieres tonight on History!

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Rev-up your engines as celebrities go head-to-head on the first episode of History Asia’s Celebrity Car Wars showing tonight, August 28, at 8PM on History Channel and  the first ever History Con tonight.

Celebrity Car Wars pit 6 of Asia’s known celebrities and models and have them compete on a grueling 8-week road of automotive adventure (or misadventures)! Allan Wu (Singapore), Andrea Forseka (Malaysia), Joey Mead-King (Philippines), KC Montero (Philippines), Marc Nelson (Philippines), and PK Piyawat Kempetch (Thailand) To prepare them for the task at hand, our celebrity drivers (none of them are professional drivers, mind you) are coached by the region’s top racing experts.

Celeb Car Wars Omnibus


Celebrity Car Wars Experts

Meet the experts: Michele Burgamer, Alex Yoong, Gaby Dela Merced

The most fragile substance on planet earth is known to be the Celebrity Ego and it is sure to come under threat as our 6 celebs undertake weekly challenges that put their driving skills to the test, under the bemused eye of host Bobby Tonelli.

The Celebrities gain points after each challenges and try to get their name on the ultimate prize: entry into the ‘Celebrity Car Wars Hall of Fame’, a club so exclusive it has no members!

Ultimately, Celebrity Car Wars is a rollicking reality tv-show centered on cars, mayhem and celebrities having the ride of their lives! If you’re into some high-octane fun, Celebrity Car Wars is definitely for you! Catch Celebrity Car Wars tonight at 9pm on History Channel!