[First Look] Imploding Kittens, the NEW Expansion for Exploding Kittens

A first look of Imploding Kittens, the new (and the first) Expansion of Exploding Kittens, the award-winning card game that made Kickstarter history as the most-backed project (ever!)

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Hear ye, Hear ye!

We give you a first look at the new (and the first) Expansion of Exploding Kittens, the award-winning card game that made Kickstarter history as the most-backed project (ever!), the Imploding Kittens!!! 

Imploding Kittens ,the 1st Expansion of Exploding Kittens

Imploding Kittens ,the 1st Expansion of Exploding Kittens


What’s New

The Expansion deck includes 20 new cards featuring 6 new types of actions, and an Imploding Kitten” card which now allows the game to be played with 5 to 6 players.


Feral Cat cards (4 pcs)

Feral Cat

Feral Cat

This card is used as any Cat Card (base game’s cat with no instructions with them). This card cannot be used as a non-Cat Card such as Shuffle, Attack and the likes.


Reverse card (4 pcs)

Reverse Card

Reverse card

As the name of the card implies, the ‘Reverse Card’ changes the order of play at the end of the person who played that card. If this card is played after the player have been attacked, the order of play is STILL reversed, but the player only ended one of the player’s two turns.

For two players set-up, this card acts as a Skip card.


Alter the Future card (4 pcs)

Alter the Future

Alter the Future card

Similar with the base game’s ‘See the Future’ card, but way better!  Instead of just looking at the three (3) card on the top deck, you can now re-arrange the order of those cards.


Targeted Attack card (3 pcs)

Targeted Attack card

Targeted Attack card

The player who plays this card end his turn without drawing a card. Then he chooses any player to attack which requires the attacked player (the victim) to takes two turns in a row. The victim of the card takes a turn as a normal turn, then he is required to take another turn. Then, the game turn continues from the attacked player.

If you got hit with a Targeted Attack card and then you played another Targeted Attack or a Attack card, the player who attacked you must then take 2 turns instead of you.


Draw from the Bottom card (4 pcs)

Draw from the Bottom card

Draw from the Bottom card

By playing this card, you end your turn by drawing the bottom card of the Draw Pile.

Imploding Kitten card (1 pc)

Imploding Kitten Card

Imploding Kitten card

The one card once drawn faced-up can not be diffused.

At the setup stage, this card replaces one of the Exploding Kitten card.

During the game, once the player draws this card face down, he then put it back anywhere in the deck face-up. Once the ‘Imploding Kitten’ card is drawn faced-up, the player who drew can not use the ‘Diffuse’ card and is now eliminated in the game. Since it is faced-up players knows that the card is coming, they can use other cards to dodge the inevitable.

Secret Surprise

One last thing to look forward to, the game includes includes a super secret surprise inside! 


Order your copy

[Update: 21 Feb 17]  You may now pre-order order your copy of  Imploding Kittens from  GamingLibrary.


Imploding Kittens requires the base game of Exploding Kittens. A copy of Exploding Kittens is also available for purchase at GamingLibrary.

Order Imploding Kittens at Gaming Library (PH).