Gaming Consoles in South East Asia (Infographic)

Check out this infographic about The Console War of Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox. See how each console have faired amongst the Southeast Asian countries.

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With plenty of players in the console side of gaming, there are only three big names that are undoubtedly known across Southeast Asia; PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. These 3 big brands compete to be number one in the industry, as well as number one in consumers’ hearts.

Check out the “The Console War in South East Asia” infographic made by our friends from iPrice, an e-Commerce startup comparison platform across 7 countries in Southeast Asia. iPrice have analyzed user purchase interest data of their site’s Gaming and Consoles category from the first half of the year (Jan to June 2016).


Gaming Console in SEA

Gaming Console in SEA by iPrice

How did your favorite gaming console do across the SEA countries?