Get Going, Get Alerts, Get More Pokémon with the Pokémon Go Plus!

Be the very best, like no one ever was with this wearable technology, the Pokémon GO Plus! Easily get alerts, collect items, catch Pokémon without looking at your phone.

Launching later today, September 16 (US time), is a wearable accessory from Nintendo which enables you to easily get alerts, collect items, catch Pokémon without pulling out your phone… meet the Pokémon GO Plus!


Pokémon Go Plus - Green Light (Alert)

Pokémon GO Plus – Green Light Indicator means a Pokémon is nearby


The Pokémon GO Plus is a bluetooth peripheral device or accessory that can be connected to your Android or iOS phone. It will light up and vibrate to notify you when you are in-range of a Poke Stop or if a wild Pokémon is lurking nearby! Each notification corresponds to a specific light color, and lucky for you we have a quick guide:

Blue Light: Indicates that you are near a Poké Stop! But keep your mobile device in your pocket as you can simply press the Pokémon GO Plus button to interact with the Poké Stop and easily collect items. How convenient is that!

Green or Yellow Light: Hold it right there, a Pokémon is nearby! Oh, and quit scratching the screen of your mobile device as you can simply press the Pokémon GO Plus button to throw a Pokéball and catch that Pokémon.

Red Light: Beware! This indicates a failed attempt scenario like when you went out of range of the Poké Stop.

At the moment though, there are no clear instructions or reference materials on how you can switch among the different types of Pokéballs or any indication of increased success rates of catching a Pokémon while using Pokémon GO Plus. (We’ll have to wait for our order to arrive to find out. ^.~)


Wear a Pokémon GO Plus as a Pin or Wristband.

Wear a Pokémon GO Plus as a Pin or a Wristband.

But based on these features, it looks like Pokémon GO Plus will allow you to enjoy your walks  in malls or parks visits more as you get to play Pokémon GO without having your eyes constantly glued to your mobile device’s screen. It’s so nifty that you can simply clip the Pokémon GO Plus on your shirt pocket, attach it to your bag strap, or even wear it as a wristband! Talk about making a  Poké-statement!

Originally, the Pokémon GO Plus was slated to be launched in July, but was delayed due to the overwhelming demand for this clever device.  The good news is… You may order Pokémon GO Plus via GameStop and Amazon for 35 USD!

But before you add one to your cart, better check for compatibility! So far, Pokémon GO Plus is compatible with the following:

iOS: iPhone® 5 / 5c / 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus devices with iOS Ver. 8–9 installed.

Android: Android devices that have 2 GB RAM or more with Android Ver. 4.4–6.0 installed. Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher) is required to use Pokémon GO Plus.


Get one more step closer to being the very best, like no one ever was with the Pokémon GO Plus!

Meet the Pokémon GO Plus (source: Pokémon GO)

Meet the Pokémon GO Plus (source: www.poké


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