APCC 2016 blew our minds and it easily became one of the best cons we’ve been to locally. With great Cosplayers and awesome Guests, what can you expect? One major feature of the event was a meeting of these two in the form of the APCC 2016 Cosplay Panel Session!


This Panel Session places Cosplay celebrities Yugana Senshi UonAni Mia, Riddle, Lindze Merritt, and Myrtle Sarossa on stage as they talk about anything and everything about the Cosplay hobby! Luckily, we were able to partly record this talk. So get ready for inspiration to hit you as these lovely ladies talk about their passion! The answer questions like “Are there are things that similar with the characters you play?”, “What is the important thing in cosplay?” and “What is something about you that most people find surprising, or something not a lot of people would expect?”


So without further ado, here’s the video!


If you’re into the hobby or want to start, you can’t help but feel inspired! Looking forward to APCC2017 for more amazing moments like this!


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