Giorgio A. Tsoukalos at History Con 2016

Without a doubt, the focal interest at the convention were the celebrities but one of the most notable ones was Giorgio A. Tsoukalos!

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History Con 2016 gave the fans a unique sense of excitement never before see in any convention of its nature. Well, being the first of its kind, that would be a given. It featured a diverse number of exhibitors and events, world record-breaking attempts, and, of course, popular celebrities of the hottest television shows.


A pioneering convention that would hopefully set a trend for others to follow.


Without a doubt, the focal interest at the convention were the celebrities. Stars from such shows as Photo Face Off, Storage Wars, Gangland Undercover, Celebrity Car Wars, the host of Hidden Cities: Extreme, and The History Hustle Simon Yin (that guy is just pure unadulterated energy)


All in one celebrity overload, can it get any better than this?


Among all of guest celebrities that attended, one that was most notably the fan favorite was from the series Ancient Aliens and host of In Search of Aliens, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. Why was it that he became such a fan favorite of the convention? Was it because of the shows he was in? His charisma? The countless memes? or the most obvious answers of all, ALIENS? Lets discuss.


Giorgio A. Tsoukalos At History Con 2016.


It’s almost certainly up for debate the validity of the subject in which Giorgio Tsoukalos and many of his peers are a proponent of, the Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory, yet despite the theory’s controversial claims, it did not in the least diminish the warm welcome the fans had for Giorgio.


History Con 2016 opening panel.





Perhaps it was never about the controversies about their theories or the internet memes but something more simple – their steadfast belief that there is something bigger out there! That one day, our fledgling human species would become a part of a greater reality that we could have ever imagine, Giorgio Tsoukalos and those who share his resolve are the modern-day Indiana Jones, leading the charge to the unknown with unshakable conviction, searching for answers to question so few people ask.


Whatever the reason may be behind his appeal, he definitely was a star attraction of the show. We highly recommend that you check out his show for his theories and arguments… or, at the very least, for the memes 😉