Why the ASUS Zenfone 3 is a Geek’s Perfect Companion

I can truly tell you that I did find something incredible in the Asus Zenfone 3. Hopefully, after this review, you'll see why.

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About a month ago, my smartphone died on me and, because the AsiaPOP Comicon 2016 (APCC) and the Tokyo Game Show 2016 (TGS) were about to happen, I found myself in a real bind. I needed a new phone that would really help me capture the incredible moments of these huge geek events. I looked around through various options and I happened upon the Asus Zenfone 3. Fast forward to today (and 2 major events later), I can truly tell you that I did find something incredible in this phone. Hopefully, after this review, you’ll see why.

For this review, expect that I won’t be too technical with it. I was never a “hardware specs” kind of person (cuz a lot of them flew over my head LOL) and I’ve always been about the feel and experience so that’s what I’ll focus on. 



It’s Physically Beautiful and Convenient

Before I get into the nitty gritty of its features, I want to first tackle the physical aspects of the phone that make me really happy. First, the Asus Zenfone 3 simply looks BOSS. It’s sleek, classy, and just plain GORGEOUS.




I personally have the Shimmer Gold one and it’s simply WOW. A lot of people took notice of the phone when I’m using it and asked to see it up close. It just looks amazing and it’s definitely a point of pride for having the phone. The sheer metal finish of the phone gave the Zenfone 3 a very premium look. Equipped with Asus’ signature laser-engraved radial diamond shine, a lot of people took notice ESPECIALLY in Japan (for our TGS coverage). There were people who asked what my phone was and even wondered why I had one because it’s not available in Japan yet. 😛

Beyond the look, it’s very convenient. It’s 5.5 inches in size and fits right into my pocket which is perfect when walking around ESPECIALLY during conventions like APCC and TGS. That size feature was really important to me since we’re usually at events. I also love the screen. It uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which, not only gives it more damage resistance (I’ve actually dropped it twice and, thankfully, the screen is still pristine) but it cleans up quite well in terms of fingerprints etc. I’ll confess that I haven’t really come around to getting a proper case for the phone but, even without that, any dirt or marks on the screen simply just wipes right off. I usually get a bit OC when it came to the other phones I’ve owned and their screens but, with the Zenfone 3, I haven’t really felt the compulsion to buy a screen protector. It’s good as is!



The Camera is GREAT – Especially for capturing those Geek Moments


Taken from the Asus site, for those of you who want to see the hard specs

Now, THIS was one of the STRONGEST FEATURES of the Asus Zenfone 3 in my humble opinion. Especially since a lot of the event stuff we do at UnGeek calls for Photos and Recordings, this feature was a HUGE DEAL for me. Beyond the specs (which you can see above), the camera simply allowed for so many options that helped me get the shots I wanted. Let me give you a quick rundown of some of the settings that caught my eye (there were a LOT more).


  • HDR Pro – Helps with high-contrast or strong backlit scenarios
  • Super Resolution – Combines multiple shots to get you REALLY detailed pics
  • Low Light – Helps with low ligh scenarios
  • Night – Gives you a slower shutter speed to get more light for those night shots
  • GIF Animation – Makes GIFs using multiple images
  • Time Lapse and Slow Motion – For those awesome sped up/slowed down effects

One thing that I MUST mention is that THE CAMERA LETS YOU VIDEO RECORD IN 4K! OMG! The clarity! The IRL HD Graphics! (LOL) But seriously, simply having that capability is awesome because of those hype geek moments that you need to immortalize.

To demonstrate, I’ll show you some stuff I took. All of these were captured using the Asus Zenfone 3. Take note that a lot of these were just auto-settings because I was still learning how to use the camera but, even on AUTO, they turned out pretty great!




The Pride Demon from the boardgame, The Others. Taken at the Gaming Library GenCon PH Party 2016



Vampirella statue-figurine. Taken from APCC 2016




Ani-Mia in her awesome Zatanna Cosplay. Taken from the APCC 2016



The Valkyria: Azure Revolution Booth Babes. Taken from TGS 2016



THIS. Seriously, this feature of the phone was sooo useful. Some events tend to have low light and it’s a challenge for a normal phone to take good pics. So during the APCC and TGS, it was like:

Me: “There’s so much awesome things to capture! But the lighting’s kinda off. What am I gonna do?”

Zenfone 3: “Low light, you say? Don’ worry. I GOTCHU, FAM!”

BAM! The Zenfone 3 did its magic like the awesome geek bro it is and delivered awesome photos!


The Persona 5 Booth and Demo Area. Taken from TGS 2016



Concert of Hiroshi Kitadani from JAM Project. Taken from the APCC 2016




At the Pokemon Center in Japan



Right outside our Airbnb in Japan


It Delivers a Smooth Gaming and Geek Media Experience

Not only does the Asus Zenfone 3 capture Geek moments, it’s also great for Gaming and for consuming Geek Media like Videos and Gaming News!

Going back to the physical features, the 5.5 inch size of the phone allows for a really good screen size! Not only can you watch your favorite anime, gaming videos, or what have you, but you can do so with crisp screen clarity!


Whether it’s reading geek news or watching anime, the Zenfone 3 delivers an incredible experience


And then, you have actual quality gaming! Because seriously, we all know gaming is a huge part of any geek’s lifestyle. Whether it’s Pokemon Go or Clash of Clans, the Asus Zenfone 3 delivers a really smooth gaming experience with no slowdowns! It even has the GAME GENIE which lets you enhance your game quality, search for tips and FAQs, and even record or broadcast the game you’re playing! (We’ll tackle this in more detail on a separate article :D)


Capturing Gyms with a CP 42 Kakuna like a bauss 😀



Did I mention that it also helps me with our boardgaming? This is the Mansions of Madness App from Fantasy Flight Games. 🙂


Overall, the Asus Zenfone 3 definitely was a perfect fit for my lifestyle and I’m so glad to have it with me. For the phone’s quality and features, it’s SRP of PHP 18,995 is well worth it! If you’re a geek looking for a new phone, I can’t recommend it enough. 🙂


For more info on the Asus Zenfone 3, check out their site!

Keep it here at UnGeek as well for further reviews of the Asus Zenfone 3! Till next time guys. Keep on gaming!