Get Confounded at DyceNDyne and You Might Win a Free Boardgame!

Hey there, PH Boardgamers! If you’re free today or if you’re looking for something to do, you MAY wanna swing by DyceNDyne today for a test of wits! You may just be the winner of a FREE BOARDGAME! Interested? Read on for the deets 🙂



In cooperation with Gaming Library, DyceNDyne is hosting an event called CONFOUNDED at 2:00pm later today! The whole event revolves around the boardgame called CONCEPT. Concept is a simple boardgame where players guess the hidden concept as one player tries to communicate what it is using the icons of the board. It’s easy to learn and LOADS OF FUN! Check out the video below to quickly learn more about the game.



Easy, right? 🙂 So in Confounded, you’ll need to create a team of 3-4 members and engage in a CONCEPT BATTLE OF WITS against other teams! Winners and Participants BOTH get prizes! See the complete details below:

  • What: The CONFOUNDED Event
  • When: October 9, Sunday, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Where: DyceNDyne Boardgame Bar & Restaurant
  • Registration Fee: Php 350.00 (inclusive of 1 meal and 1 drink)
  • Prize: 1 FREE BOARD GAME + GCs for the champion team!


So if you’re up for a fun Sunday afternoon (and if you want that sweet free boardgame prize @__@), join up and head on over to DyceNDyne later! You can check their Facebook Event Page for more details. You can also reserve tickets by sending DyceNDyne a Facebook message or by calling 0906-3078465.


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