Play now! Demo of “Agent Aliens” a multi-platform game from Indigo Entertainment

Catch the Indigo Entertainment team as they debut "Agent Aliens", their first independent project at e-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 (ESGS 2016) - Indie Arena. Agent Aliens is a run, jump and shoot, multi-platform game which will be available on Android and iOS, which is set to be relesed on November

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Jump and shoot your way to freedom as you search for your fellow Aliens and break free from captivity. 

Presenting “Agent Aliens“, a new arcade style run and gun game by international game developer, Indigo Entertainment.



Agent Aliens tells the humorous story of aliens escaping from an unexpected abduction, and challenges players with energy-packed platforming action.  It will take teamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this close encounter with humankind. Players will be focusing on dodging and weaving through enemy fire. Returning fire, aiming, and cool downs are taken care of by our squad of feisty Aliens.


The game offers multiple playable characters, various upgradable options and a variety of game modes to enjoy.  Play as one of the titular Aliens, or play as all of them as they follow you through the levels. Each one with unique abilities and play styles.

Agent Aliens

Meet the Agent Aliens

Meet the interesting characters of Agent Aliens (plus their perks and quirks):

  • Agent Ehdi: The aliens’ last hope of survival. Known for their high intellect and leadership skills.  (Fun fact: Has infiltrated and become the mascot of Indigo Entertainment)
  • Agent Matta: Sharp-eyed concerned ally with obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Dislikes poor hygiene, disorder and Kpop music. Spends weekends creating sudoku puzzles based on star maps. Weapon: Long Range Concentrated Ocular Beam.
  • Agent Lucy: Lawless protector of weaker aliens. Able to bench press five hundred pounds and dance the tango. Loyal to Ehdi and has joined the mission despite her pacifism. Weapon: Super-enhanced Strength and Durability
  • Agent Ballsy: Shy eater with a lotta energy. Evolved from genetically weaponized tofu exposed to irradiated plasma spheres. Speaks using only single syllable words. Weapon: Regurgitated Plasma Emitter
  • Agent Queen Bey: Stylish hive queen fashionista who loved Saturn so much she put a ring on it. Known to be a graceful and fierce fighter. Loves drinking lemonade.
  • Agent Raffa: Best friend of Ehdi with a tendency to spit a lot. Dislikes physical exertion and only uses his talons for grooming purposes. Addicted to disco and dubstep.


Agent Aliens is a multi-platform game which will be available on Android and iOS, which is set to be released on November. But don’t fret yet, you can try out the game via the playable demo that’s available via web and in Android.


In addition, catch the Indigo Entertainment team as they debut “Agent Aliens”, their first independent project at e-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 (ESGS 2016) – Indie Arena on October 28 to 30 at SMX Convention CenterGet your tickets now via SM Ticket outlets located in all SM Cinemas nationwide or via this SM Tickets website